Avallone is empowering companies to eradicate financial crime while building a tribe of outstanding individuals.

The platform

The Avallone platform is a cloud-based solution that enables large, complex organizations to manage KYC (Know Your Customer) documentation and processes in a smooth, secure, and compliant manner. We apply modern technologies, ‘banking grade’ security and ‘consumer-grade’ user experience principles to not just improve, but rethink how KYC requests are handled. KYC is the foundation for all other disciplines in the fight against financial crime and is used by financial institutions and other 3rd parties to evaluate the risk related to financial crime.

The founders

Avallone is founded by experienced co-founders bringing together a wide range of expertise within tech, finance, start-up, compliance, and anti-money laundering. We have managed to attract world-class talent to our Copenhagen based team. We recently closed our first funding round and now focus on building and selling our cloud-based B2B products.

While the company is small and young the ambitions are grand.


About Greater Copenhagen

Greater Copenhagen is a vibrant, hip and sustainable metropolis, offering high living standards, great work-life balance and exciting career opportunities.

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