Brainreader A/S is one of the most exciting MedTech companies in Denmark thanks to the Neuroreader® software, an assessment tool for healthcare professionals.

Neuroreader® helps improve the lives of millions of patients with brain disorders by assisting the medical staff in discovering otherwise overlooked diseases and ensuring patients quick and correct medical treatment.

Brainreader was founded in 2011 by scientist Jamila Ahdidan. When studying for her PhD, she came up with the groundbreaking idea to develop a medical software device that can detect anomalous brain patterns from MRI brain scans in an extremely nuanced and personalized way. By quantifying 45 different brain structures and comparing them to a normative database with healthy individuals, Neuroreader® provides an estimation of the normal volume for a person with similar demographics. It benefits not only the medical staff but also the patient as it is possible to detect various neurodegenerative diseases at an early stage.

By joining Brainreader you will be part of a dedicated development team with a vision to provide cutting-edge solutions-based healthcare for everyone.

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