Funding-as-a-Service for ecommerce entrepreneurs

Founded by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs

MXNEY is a fastgrowing FinTech start-up founded in 2020 to provide innovative growth capital and payment services for ecommerce businesses.

At MXNEY, we believe there is a better way to fund ecommerce businesses. A more valuable, less invasive way where ecommerce businesses don’t have to give up ownership or provide personal security to unlock rapid scale and reach their full potential.

A softer take on capital, a sharper take on know-how

MXNEY provides a softer take on capital, and a sharper take on know-how. Softer, because MXNEY funds ecommerce businesses with no dilution, no interest and no personal collateral empowering ecommerce businesses to grow rapidly and reach their full potential. Sharper, because our platform ensure data driven, in-depth automated knowledge based on millions of data points and hands-on-experienced growth experts to support and accelerate our customers growth journey.