Moving to a new country isn’t just a physical journey. It’s a mental plunge and a practical challenge. In Denmark we have made it easy for you.
Relocating to Denmark

Moving here is easy – leaving might not be!

Moving to a new country isn’t just a physical journey. It’s a mental plunge and a practical challenge. It’s the thrill and excitement of new adventures, mixed with fear of the unknown and the feeling of starting over.

Luckily, there’s lots of help to be found, and Denmark is generally a quite welcoming and liveable place.

First, let’s get the practicalities sorted: You’ll need a residence permit, a social security number, a health insurance card, a place to live and probably a lot of other things.

In comparison to our European neighbours, Denmark has a relatively straightforward immigration system for those seeking employment in IT/Tech-based jobs. To learn more about the Danish immigration service, visit - https://www.nyidanmark.dk/ for more information.

Organisations like International House Copenhagen, International Community in Central Denmark, Work. Live. Stay in Southern Denmark and International House North Denmark can help you out with all the practicalities and paperwork.

Bring your family

If you have a partner coming along, these organisations can also help him/her find a job. They’ll also help you hook you up with other expats – probably the best people to help you make sense of your experiences in a strange new country.

The Danish welfare system does a lot to make life easier for parents and families. If you’re relocating with children, you can enjoy the benefits of guaranteed cheap childcare at nursery and pre-school levels and free education from the age of 5. Denmark also has some of the best maternity and paternity rights in the world, guaranteeing a full year of paid leave for parents.

New adventures are both scary and exciting. And while nobody can take away all your doubts and uncertainty, we’d love to help with whatever you may need.


Photo credits:
© Robin Skjoldborg