Work in Denmark

Do you wish to pursue a career without compromising your social or family life? Then Denmark could be a really good place for you.
The world’s best work-life balance

A work life includes both work and life

A UK expat puts it this way: “Staying late is more likely to earn you a lecture on inefficiency and time management than a pat on the back”.

Your average Danish boss would rather see you come in refreshed than stressed. The reasoning: When it comes to qualified work, quality is much more valuable than quantity.

Prioritising life outside work isn’t just in the culture. It’s a legal right. The official workweek is 37 hours, and overtime is often compensated, either financially or in saved time off.

All employees are entitled to a minimum of five weeks paid vacation every year – not counting official holidays. Parents enjoy a full year of maternity/paternity leave, and often get the first day off in case of sick children, no questions asked.

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Photo credits:
© Frederik Teodor Toft | © Ty Strange