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modl.ai is looking for a team member passionate about building world class game engine tools and integrations around AI/ML

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Do you want to play a part in creating the future of AI in game development? modl.ai delivers AI tools for video game studios and we’re looking for a team member to head up our engine tools and integration work.

You will join our band of top-class game developers and machine learning experts. We are a small, efficient and effective team out of Denmark, Brazil, and the US and have already proven that we have the skills and products to play in the big leagues. We have delivered cutting edge projects for world-class studios, and are on our way to productizing our methods and deliveries. Now, we are edging towards scale.

Your Role

You will be leading our efforts in integrating, standardizing and productizing our machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms for automated testing and player modeling into Unity and Unreal Engine tools and packages as well as custom game engines.

Working in close collaboration with our team of specialists in ML/AI for games you will drive the integration of these methods directly into the predominant public game engines as well as the proprietary/private ones that our customers use.

Key responsibilities

  • Lead and manage our technical team of specialists in AI/ML and tools development. Tasks include recruitment, 1:1 meetings, team member development and training, motivating, and managing performance.
  • Serve as the primary interface between the implementation work of the R&D and product.
  • Review and evaluate AI/ML solutions developed by the R&D team.
  • Plan and lead development sprints on both internal and external projects.
  • Evaluate technological opportunities and solutions.
  • Take responsibility for professional services. Manage our customer relationships and take responsibility for implementations.
  • Support sales with pre-sales activities, leading work on technical quotes and producing estimates.

About You

You have an impressive background and significant experience developing games or tools for game development. Having been part of shipping multiple titles or tool packages, you have strong feelings about game engine architecture, development practices, and team dynamics. Familiar with typical stumbling points in game development and with a keen eye for automating-all-the-things, you have been part of building development teams in the industry before.'

As a team leader and planner of development workflows, you value the long term gains of implementing up against a well-defined roadmap and even though you are used to working in sprints you understand that building technology is a marathon. Crunching isn’t an acceptable tool in production and doesn’t provide real progress long-term. The most important asset you have is your team.

When unexpected technical challenges arise, you feel comfortable making well considered assessments and decisions and have no problem reporting back to the organization what is realistic to accomplish by when. When working with external partners and customers you feel equally comfortable communicating clearly and setting expectations to avoid misalignment down the line and to deliver both a professional product and a professional process every time.

You may or may not have experience with the latest artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques, but you are interested in learning from a super competent and motivated team of world-class engineers in the field who are excited to learn from your game development and production experience in turn.

You like to code and are looking forward to a role where you will be directly building and contributing to our product, splitting your time between management/planning and making the vision of our tools come to life by implementing them in the most popular game engines - mass market ones and custom ones belonging to our largest customers.

Our Promise

Collaboration is core to our culture and you will join a small, international team of top class game developers, machine learning experts and AI researchers.

Our early stage makes this a very exciting opportunity to have a large impact on both modl.ai and AI tech in game development.

We encourage ambitious mindsets, and as we grow, we offer great career opportunities.

We offer an attractive salary package and flexible working hours.

We look forward to meeting you!

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Do you want to play a part in creating the future of AI in game development?

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