Looking for IT/Tech specialists?

We attract international tech specialists

Are you struggling to find qualified candidates to your open jobs? You are not alone!

Join other companies with similar recruitment needs in our campaign to attract international tech specialists.

The campaign will target experienced specialists within IT, software engineering and gaming. 

To match specific recruitment needs, the campaign will be created in close collaboration with all participating companies. And there's room for your company too!

The campaign is initiated by the project Talent to Denmark



Four benefits for you:

  • Get highly-qualified, pre-screened candidates who match your recruitment needs.
  • Access international candidates outside your usual recruitment channels.
  • Save time and resources; we will pre-screen all candidates and present you with a shortlist of relevant profiles for your open jobs.
  • Get international exposure of your company and open positions.

The war for talents is real. In the search for the best candidates, we joined a campaign to expose our open jobs towards international talents in and outside Denmark.

Senior Human Resources Project Manager, Bosch Nordic


The campaign will launch in March 2020 and run for a period of 8 weeks in which your company and your open jobs will get international exposure.

Prior to the campaign launch, we will talk to all companies on board in order to secure the scope and focus.

You will receive 2-10 (sometimes even more) pre-screened candidates for each of your open positions in the campaign.


30.000 DKK for participating with up to 3 jobs

5.000 DKK for each additional job


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