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itm8 is one of the leading Danish suppliers of IT services to the private and public sectors.

About itm8

itm8 is represented at numerous locations in Denmark, Sweden, the Philippines, and Czech Republic. Our group has a strong market position in Denmark within four business areas; Cloud Services/IT Operations, Digital Transformation, Application Services, and Cyber Security.

Our group employs more than 1,600 employees working within 11 individual and unique companies, which are all focused on collaborating, innovation, development, and value generation across the portfolio. These 11 brands are IT Relation, Mentor IT, Sotea, Progressive, Me’ning, Cloud Teams, Copenhagen Software, Miracle42, Emineo, Improsec and AddPro.

We are on a dual mission: to unlock today's potential for improvement and to innovate tomorrow's solutions for transformation.

Let’s build today’s and tomorrow’s IT. Together.

Central Denmark offers the fierce North Sea to the west and the calm Kattegat to the east, surrounded by nature and still with easy access to the pulsating city life.

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