Denmark’s awesome tech community want you to join them

Frontend Developer at Trackman

Are you looking for a position where you can work with the latest web technologies in a friendly and informal environment? 

What we can offer you:

You will be working with the latest technology together with skilled and passionate colleagues. You will be given great responsibility from Day One. 

You will work closely with the other functions of R&D who are all placed under the same roof.  Our solutions are developed by specialists who endlessly explore and challenge new technical boundaries.  TrackMan has employees from all around the world, and English is our work language.


You are an experienced front-end developer, who is enthusiastic about new technologies and cares about clean code. You are curious and excited about software development, and longing to learn and grow with new technologies. You are an independent person, and able to priorities your responsibilities together with your team. You are a critical thinker and always looking for new challenges, and try to improve the code.

  • Experienced with ReactJS or similar frameworks and understanding of modular frontend core principles,
  • Experienced with one of the global state management systems such as MobX or Redux,
  • Experienced with a version control system e.g., Git,
  • Good understanding of architectural patterns and software design principles,
  • Taste for component-based design in Front-end,
  • Familiar with TypeScript,
  • Familiar with new specifications of EcmaScript
  • Familiar with RESTful APIs,
  • Knowledge of the following will be a plus: Styled Components, Jest or similar libraries, basic knowledge of application deployment

We offer:

We expect you to have an educational background in Science or Engineering. Your creative and analytical skills are excellent, and you are structured and well-organized by nature. You juggle several projects at the same time and still keep that critical attention to detail. You take pride in your work.


Our company and technology

We are a Danish company founded, owned, and managed since 2003 by three entrepreneurs with a strong passion for sports. 

We employ more than 450 people worldwide, half of which work in Denmark, where most hardware and software products are developed, tested, and manufactured. Today, our headquarters are located in Vedbaek, Denmark and we have offices in New York, Phoenix, Poland, Japan, and Korea. TrackMan products convert raw data from Doppler radar signals to measure ball and equipment kinematics for sports. A patented combination of camera and radar fuses the radar signal with information from video feeds and other sensors. This provides extremely accurate, valuable insights for athletes ranging from top world-class professionals to enthusiastic amateurs, as well as coaches, scouts, and clubs of all levels.

Where innovation happens

At TrackMan, we know that great people make great products. We believe that teams thrive and innovation sparks in an atmosphere where people are encouraged to think for themselves, where everybody’s voices are heard, and where the best ideas prevail in the pursuit of the exceptional solution. This mix is what makes TrackMan an inspiring company – for our customers and our colleagues.