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Process Architect

Here is a great opportunity to join Ramboll and take on a position where you will be part of a specialized team working with planning and design of Complex Facilities to the Life Science and Pharma industry and the Healthcare sector.   


Your role and responsibility as a Process Architect    

As a Process architect working in Process Architecture & Facility Design you will typically take the project position as Lead Architect or Specialized designer within planning and design of production facilities also including cleanrooms, containment facilities and advanced laboratories.   

Depending on your key competencies and preferred area of specialities you could as an example have the following project related roles and responsibilities: 

  • Process Architect holding the position as Lead Architect during especially the initial project phases covering: Programming, Conceptual Brief and Conceptual Design. Being responsible for process planning and facilitation, co-creation with stakeholders, conducting flow and proximity analysis, functional layout planning and initial design studies e.g., based on cGMP regulations and related classification ratios.

  • Architect in Command holding the position as Lead Architect throughout the project design phases Basic and Detailed design being responsible for the architectural design deliveries also including extended integrated design coordination with all relevant disciplines and issuing regulatory project for Authorities.

  • Specialized Designer within cleanrooms, advanced laboratories, containment and complex industrial facilities responsible for the architectural detailed design development with extended focus on Integrated Design solutions and specialised supervision during construction.      

You and your competencies 

You are educated as an architect or constructing architect - for example with 5+ years of experience working with programming, planning and design of complex facilities to the Life Science & Pharma industry, Food & beverage industry or within the Healthcare sector.     

You have a significant client focus and interest in understanding the goals and needs of the customer. You are familiar with translating User Requirements together with relevant Authority regulations into functional area needs, layout solutions with optimized production- and workflows, good work environments with focus on Environment, Health and Safety including aesthetic and sustainable architectural design solutions.     

You enjoy being part of a progressive workplace and flourish through co-creation and interaction with colleagues of all disciplines, customers, and stakeholders.    

Professional competencies and personal areas of interest could be the following: 

  • Master planning, overall conceptual design and volume studies for production sites and green field facilities

  • Process planning and facilitation of complex programming including Co-creation with project owners and end users, developing project “One Page Strategy”, user requirement specifications, and initial conceptual layout studies  

  • Design of cleanrooms including cGMP, room classification planning and workflow analysis  

  • Design of advanced laboratory facilities including GMO and Bio Safety requirements

  • Design of containment facilities including risk assessment regarding Bio- and Chemical safety and security  

  • Supervision and follow up activities during construction with a high degree of complexity e.g., in connection to up-grade rebuilding of existing facilities with focus on “No Interruption of Production” 

  • Sustainability from strategy to design e.g., sustainable products and materials for cleanrooms     

Join Process Architecture & Facility Design 

You will be joining a committed team of 20 professional and engaged architects and constructing architects. 

Process Architecture & Facility Design is one out of five departments within Life Science & Pharma, and you will become one out of 100 committed colleagues providing specialised consultancy and integrated design solutions to our clients. 

Working at Ramboll  

To work at Ramboll means being part of a people organisation. We are focused on knowledge sharing and collaboration across competence areas and geographies, and we aim for strong diversity among our employees. This enables us to solve a broad range of projects, and we firmly believe that cross-collaboration leads to creative and longstanding solutions. Thus, the possibilities at Ramboll are many and diverse –we invest a lot in development of people and offer career paths tailored for each individual person.