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Senior Back-End Engineer

As a Senior Backend Engineer at Penneo, you will collaborate with a multicultural team of highly skilled and open-minded Engineers

Who are we? 

Penneo is a fast-growing RegTech (Regulatory Technology) SaaS company headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark. We effectively assist customers in industries like accounting, legal, and finance, enabling them to organize and automate their business-critical processes in a compliant, secure, and effortless way.

Following a successful IPO in 2020 and the listing on Nasdaq Copenhagen Main Market in April 2022 we are now more than ever, in a position to execute our strategy for European expansion. We are not only looking for new employees, we are looking to form new long-term relationships with people who resonate with our culture and values.

We now have the opportunity to look for a Senior Backend Engineer to join our awesome and growing team. We're on a mission to scale our operations and maximize value to our existing and future customers. 

Who are we looking for?

As a Senior Backend Engineer at Penneo, you will collaborate with a multicultural team of highly skilled and open-minded Engineers. You will work on our customer-facing platform and APIs with a focus on providing data to our frontends, internal tools, and external integrations. 

We’re looking for a colleague that is open to exploring other parts of our stack and does not shy away from adding small things to our frontends or tweaking a CI pipeline

We are looking for someone who understands how products work, beyond “just” software. We mainly work with the following technologies: Docker, Kotlin, Java, MySQL, PHP, Typescript and we would love it if you have expertise in more than one language/framework. You can see more of our stack here:

The position is full-time, based in our HQ in Copenhagen.  You will report to our VP of Engineering and have our awesome Engineering & Product Team as your closest collaborators.

What would be your responsibilities?

  • We foresee the following responsibilities, but you’ll have the opportunity and freedom to influence and define them with us.
  • Developing features and improvements to the Penneo product in a secure, tested, and performant way;
  • Consistently shipping features and improvements with guidance and support from other team members;
  • Collaborating with a team to find the right solutions to our customers' problems;
  • Delivering solutions to our customers to serve their needs.

What makes you a great match?

We believe that the following traits and experiences are important for becoming successful in this role, and it is the basis upon which we assess candidates. However, we acknowledge that talent takes many forms and we would still like to hear from you, even if you don't think you match all the points below.

We expect you to:

  • Hold  5+ years of experience developing software products, preferably in product teams;
  • Be haunted by a deep-rooted craving to code for customer value;
  • Be able to balance individual contributions with team efforts meetings and closing;
  • Be ready to go new ways to solve technical problems;
  • Be comfortable reducing legacy code;
  • Are familiar with developing/improving service-oriented architecture;
  • Enjoy taking time to mentor other team members and share knowledge with your colleagues;

How will this role progress?

It is important to us to be as transparent as even possible and to give you the opportunity to level expectations for the role. Therefore, we share our impact description in advance and would love your thoughts about it in your cover letter.

During the 1st month, you will:

  • Meet your new colleagues and understand who is doing what;
  • Get comfortable with the day-to-day operations of the Product Development Team;
  • Understand the problems Penneo solves for customers;
  • Understand the core platform and use most features of the product;
  • Understand our deployment process and make your first product contribution;
  • Fix some easy bugs that only affect a single service;
  • Begin to deploy changes.

Within 3 months you will:

  • Contribute individually to a second service;
  • Familiarize yourself with all of our services;
  • Engage in our 3rd level support rotation;
  • Identify ways to improve the development process.

Within 6 months you will: 

  • Feel comfortable working on most of our services;
  • Engage in helping others understand the product better;
  • Understand how to manage risk when deploying changes;
  • Understand our production environment.

Within 12 months you will: 

  • Have contributed individually to at least 3 services across multiple languages and stacks;
  • Engage in improving our core practices.

Our Engineering roles are instrumental to our ambitious growth aspirations, and we’re eager to learn on the journey with you. It all depends on your capabilities for continuous learning and equally important - your dreams for the future.

By now we hope you’re sitting with a smile on your face, ready to apply and contribute to the Penneo adventure.