Denmark’s awesome tech community want you to join them

Software Engineer - Business at Lunar

Can you see yourself being part of a squad, whose main purpose is to ensure the best possible quality and experience for Lunar’s business users? Do you want to work in a company where being at the forefront of technology is considered a virtue?

Then you should join Lunar’s journey as our new Software Engineer within our Business product. 

The look under the hood 

Our technical platform uses an event-based microservice architecture that enables independent and continuous deployments - as a result we push around 1000 releases a month to our users. Our infrastructure is hosted on AWS and we orchestrate our microservices via Kubernetes - and use everything else that goes hand in hand with cloud-native technologies. Our primary language is Go, but we also believe in "the right tool for the job". Don’t worry, we’ll get you up to speed fast with Go if you haven't used it before.

How we work

At Lunar we move fast - to be able to do so, our engineering culture is an agile mindset with the least possible bureaucracy. We are organised in squads that are responsible for a cohesive domain each. This makes it possible for each squad to be on their own mission - and thereby enabling us to work autonomously and in parallel.

At Lunar, we pursue a culture that enables people to “think differently” and to take ownership of their work-life here. At Lunar, responsibility is not something you get - it is something you take.  

A squad on a mission - Calipso 

As mentioned, at Lunar we are organised in squads. The squad concept is simple - we take highly skilled people, each with their own skill set, put them together in a squad, and together they have a mission. As we love space, all squads have a space related name - the name of this squad is Calipso. All of Calipso’s tasks are made to improve the product and experience of Lunar as a business customer. This goes for both new features and improving upon existing ones. 


What you bring to the table

This is not a shopping list, where you have to cross everything off before you have succeeded. It is just an indication of what we typically look for, even though we know that everyone is different. If you can check several things off the list, it is a plus:

  • You have +3 years of relevant experience.
  • You have a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Software Engineering or Computer Science. 
  • Your code is highly testable and maintainable. 
  • You have experience within: microservice architecture, messaging, Docker, and Kubernetes. 

We offer:

What’s in it for you?

  • You’ll make your mark on the new digital bank in the Nordics.
  • Your daily work-life will be in our brand new awesome office with seaview in the middle of Aarhus (Dokk1 is our neighbor)
  • You will try a bunch of different things, and we are always interested in new technologies. 
  • Get great sparring with brilliant colleagues and the possibility to grow.
  • Casual tone, lots of laughs, and room for diversity. 
  • You’ll be a part of an entrepreneurial company full of drive and great team spirit. Together we’ve already accomplished kick-ass results, and we’re nowhere near done. 
  • At Lunar, we emphasize follow-up on the things we do, so we’re always learning - both as individuals and as a team.

We love diversity and all that sets us apart - that's what makes us awesome. Some are extroverted - some introverted. We don't all speak Danish, Norwegian or Swedish, but we all speak English. The most important thing is respect and understanding between one and another.