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Do you want an exciting career with impact, without compromising your social or family life? We know a place for you.

We like things that run well. Do you?

As someone who works in tech or engineering you probably love and find drive in making systems run smoother and better. You appreciate a well-running system, right?

In Denmark we have put a lot of effort into creating a society that is running smoothly and sufficiently. We are proud of our low bureaucracy, high level of digitalisation, culture of trust and strong welfare system. We like it this way and we think you would like it too.

Luckily, exciting tech and engineering companies in Denmark are looking for talented and skilled internationals to join their teams! Is it you they are searching for? 

Have a look around on this page and learn more about what your everyday life in Denmark could be like - if you land your dream job here. We wish you the very best of luck!

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Meet our international community

Are you tempted to go after a job in Denmark? Here you can meet some of the people who have already made the move...
Robotics Lead Engineer | Italy Diana Trifon “I would say that Denmark has a lot of benefits in the efficiency and the security of a good welfare system. This gives the individual a ton of freedom in their professional lives.”

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Electronics Teams Lead | UK Luke Walker “The biggest difference seems to be the emphasis on eating together - not for formal meetings but we tend to talk about work and to brainstorm ideas. On Friday afternoons we sit down and have a beer in the office and just chat.”

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Mechanical Engineer | Poland Robert Mokrzan When you work in Denmark, you pay high taxes, but at least you are certain the money is well utilized in the country’s welfare system. This means the quality of life is quite high compared to other countries.

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Software Developer | Czech Republic Marek Cervinka “The tech scene here feels like it is driven by a desire for innovation and a need to push things forward. It’s probably because of the Danish working style of flat hierarchies and project-based learning.”

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Data Scientist | Spain Laura Montesdeoca Fenoy “Everyone speaks English incredibly well, so a language barrier has never really existed for me.”

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Chief Electrical Engineer | Germany Philip Salmony We have a relaxed working environment but are still incredibly passionate about what we do. Each of us believes in our product 100%, so there’s a real sense of momentum behind what we’re doing."

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Backend Developer | Argentina Lucas Zocco “The Danish work environment feels quite fun and relaxed. There’s very little micromanagement, lots of flat hierarchies, and a general openness to questions."

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Technical Support Engineer | Spain Sara del Rosario “One of the things that surprised me the most about Denmark was its management culture. Hierarchies are less pronounced and "bosses" are more approachable. ”

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