About A State Of Denmark

A State of Denmark wants more people to attain a happy, meaningful, and good life in Denmark. We showcase Denmark as a great place to live and offer excellent services for internationals looking to move and stay here. 

We run specific campaigns connecting international talent with companies in Denmark. These campaigns are focused on specific professions and positions at several companies across Denmark.

The A State of Denmark brand, trademark and campaigns are administered and run by Copenhagen Capacity

Tech & Engineer Campaign - Fall 2023

The current campaign covers open jobs for it-specialists and engineers.

The campaign is part of the 
Talent to a Green Denmark project and is partly funded by the European Social Fund (ESF) and the Danish Board of Business Development.

This campaign (Fall 2023) is produced in close collaboration with the Confederation of Danish Industries (DI), Business Region Aarhus, Business Region Midtvest, Business Region Trekantsområdet, Destination Aarhus and Technology Denmark.

Get in contact with the people behind the campaign via this email: state-of-denmark@copcap.com

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