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Lunar is a new Nordic bank built from scratch without legacy. We use technology to react swiftly to our users needs. We listen, we build and we improve constantly. Lunar is a bank with the aim of giving our users everything they need money-wise right at their fingertips.

Our journey & team

Lunar was founded in 2015, and our offices can be found in all the big cities of Scandinavia. We employ more than 400 people skilled in Tech, Design, Business Development, HR, Compliance, Banking, Marketing, Communication, Support, and much more.

Tech by heart

At Lunar we live and breathe technology. Our engineers work every day to help enable and create the new bank of the Nordics - by creating innovative products, scalable architecture, and fierce code. Our goal is to always use the technologies of tomorrow today, and everything we do, we do to help change the landscape of banking as we know it. One line of code at a time.

A look under the hood

Our technical platform is based on an event-based microservice architecture, where continuous and independent deployability is a must. We are pushing around 1000 releases a month to our users. We host our infrastructure in AWS and orchestrate our microservices via Kubernetes - and everything else that goes hand in hand with cloud-native technologies. Our primary language is Go, but we also believe in "the right tool for the job".

How we work

We do things simultaneously and fast - and to be able to do so, our engineering culture has to be based on an agile mindset. At Lunar we are organised within squads that are divided into different sub-domains, making it possible for each squad to be on their own mission - and thereby enabling us to work autonomously. At Lunar, we pursue a culture that enables people to “think different” and to take ownership in their work-life here. At Lunar, responsibility is not something you get - it is something you take.

About Central Denmark Region

Imagine living with the fierce North Sea to the west and the calm Kattegat to the east, surrounded by nature and still with easy access to the pulsating city life.

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